Blazing Response Time

Multiple instances of each R8 Service can be built on top of one another to seamlessly scale up when performance is essential. The elasticity of the platform to conform to changing loads means that no single service will ever act as a bottleneck for performance.

Cloud Native

Built with cloud best practices in mind. Everything is service driven, so no part of the system ever communicates with local OS. Everything is containerized, so no part of the system is exposed to outside influence. Everything that executes has an access point in which test cases can be applied, and nothing executes unless it’s measurable.

High Availability

Each R8 Service can run independently and scale individually, unlike older SOA architecture. Services are divided up into isolated, standalone modules so if a service goes offline, it will not impact any others. This gives our platform unprecedented reliability.

Flexible Endpoints

Once we’ve ingested data into the platform, it can be syndicated to any connected endpoint - website, app, kiosk, social media, IoT, and more. You can utilize our existing integrations or build your own.

High Visibility

Each R8 Service has multiple points of visibility to REST APIs that are either publicly and privately exposed, as well as end-points that connect them into a cloud discovery service. This allows for heavily monitored services that can give details about how the entire system is performing for monitoring and analytic purposes.

Easy Development

The JVM is one of the most powerful and widely used cross-platform runtimes around. Our service architecture is a natural fit with the JVM, tapping into breadth of toolsets already available for JVM development. This enables rapid development and evolution within our ecosystem.




    Widgets are generated on Radius8 side. Simply place tracking tag on your product detail page and display tag in the div where you'd like the widget to appear

    Radius8 will not interfere with your existing e-commerce functionality or effect page load time

    Change widget type, trend parameters, and data sources on the fly. Scale out for as many stores as you want

    Dynamically scale for desktop, tablet or mobile. Widgets can be easily styled to fit with your existing web-site. Flexible styling for different parts of your website