More than ever, as you re-open your locations, your consumers will be expecting your website to have the most accurate information on store hours, service modifications, what safety measures you are putting in place to keep them safe, and much more.



The Radius8 Welcomer is a geo-targeted, mobile-first, digital solution for your website that provides businesses a quick way to deploy and manage hyper-localized content based on the consumers physical location. As the pandemic evolves, up-to-date communication will be paramount. The R8 Welcomer enables businesses to quickly react as needed to deliver updated location specific or global messaging more efficiently than they are able to today.


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Let your customer know when they are near an open store

  • Create, deploy and easily update dynamic location by location content and updates related to COVID and your reopening 



Service Options and Local Promotions

  • Make sure your customers know how each location is providing service today whether delivery, in-store or curbside
  • Surface location, market, region or global promotions to drive conversion


Appointment Booking

  • For locations offering the capability, surface this appointment setting  automatically to increase bookings


Health and Safety Measures in Place

  • Safety measures to ensure the health and safety of your customers and employees may vary by geographic location. Keep your customers current on what you have put into place at their local store




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Why COVID-19 Welcomer?

Q: Why should I deploy COVID-19 Welcomer?

A: The current global COVID-19 pandemic is evolving rapidly and unpredictably. Businesses need to be able to react to minute by minute changes at both the global and local level. This will be critically important to weathering the challenging conditions ahead, and bouncing back rapidly as the situation improves. Radius8 COVID-19 Welcomer is a dynamic tool to help you deal with uncertainties now, and get back to business as usual in the future when this has passed.

Q: I’m doing email outreach, how is this different?

A: COVID-19 Welcomer helps you communicate with the customers and prospects who you do not have email addresses for. COVID-19 Welcomer allows you to communicate important updates in real-time to any web visitor who is looking for essential information about your operations

Q: I’m using a banner ad to let customers know our COVID-19 policy, how is this different?

A: COVID-19 Welcomer makes it easy to make realtime updates as the situation changes. COVID-19 Welcomer also allows you to geotarget all messages to specific regions, around locations, etc. COVID-19 welcomer makes it easy for non-technical users to make these updates

Q: How easy is it to go live with COVID-19 Welcomer?

A: It takes just two lines of code deployed through your tag management (GTM, Tellium, etc) or into the footer of the website. Most customers can go live in less than 24 hours

Q: Who manages the content shown in the Welcomer?

A: Content and messages are easily managed from our back-office CMS that enables non-technical users to easily deploy content in realtime. Select from templated messages, automated plugins or custom messages.

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