Harness the Power of "When and Where" to Drive Online Engagement & In-Store Traffic


The Radius8 Welcomer is a geo-fenced mobile-first experience that surfaces

local stores, directions, events, offers, and more, across the Ecommerce site

whenever a consumer is within proximity to a defined physical location.





  • R8 Content is geofenced into configurable content tiles powered by proximity to stores or relevant points of interest (i.e. arenas, venues, beaches, resorts, etc.) or self-defined geo-fenced areas

  • Content tiles surface different messages based on location, time of day, current or forecasted weather and much more

  • Welcomer creates new ecommerce engagement by targeting locally relevant products, special delivery offers and promotions

  • Welcomer design is 100% customizable to support brand standards

  • Leverages Radius8 data feeds or other third party systems to power local, dynamic content tiles including: Job Listings, local inventory, events, reviews and more

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