Co-Founder / CEO

Sandeep Bhanote has over 15 years of experience as a start-up entrepreneur, building strong product, marketing and innovative teams in the retail technology sector and successfully delivering emerging technologies to market in a profitable and scalable way. Prior to founding Radius8, Sandeep was the founder and CEO of Global Bay Mobile Technologies, a pioneer in delivering transactional mobile solutions to emerging Omni and Brick and Mortar retailers and driving the wide adoption of Apple mobile devices in stores. This innovation created the path to closing the gap between digital and brick and mortar channels in retailing.

Under Bhanote's leadership, Global Bay delivered a mobile platform for the retail enterprise which transformed the in-store landscape by delivering integrated MobilePOS, high service-level Clienteling, Inventory Management and other robust omni-channel capabilities. Global Bay was acquired by VeriFone in 2011 and subsequently became part of enterprise omni-channel leader Manhattan Associates in 2014 and serves as the basis for their in-store omni-channel strategy.

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Co-Founder / CTO

Evan is responsible for engineering and product development at Radius8, as well as long term technology direction and overseeing our technical architecture.

Prior to co-founding Radius8 in 2015, Evan was the lead omnichannel architect at Manhattan Associates, previously with VeriFone GlobalBay. He has over 15 years of experience leading teams in building new platforms for Fortune 500 companies. At Verizon, he championed new technologies that allowed for the successful launch of the iPhone 4. Evan is a big advocate of simplifying technology while still developing and deploying sophisticated platforms. He is already breaking new ground again at Radius8 with the introduction of the R8 Platform.



Co-Founder / SVP Product

Chi Park serves as Senior Vice President of Product Management at Radius8. Prior to co-founding Radius8, Chi joined in January 2016 from Manhattan Associates, a publicly traded company that specializes in distributed order management & supply chain strategy.

While at Manhattan, he served as the Ul/UX Design Manager for their flagship iPad Clienteling/mPOS. In addition, Chi oversaw product development for the Tablet Retailing solution and also served as lead subject matter expert (SME) of UX/UI for mobile projects. Chi started his career with Global Bay Inc, where he spent more than a decade in cross-functional roles spanning across sales, marketing, and product management, ending his tenure with a role as Senior Director before acquisition by VeriFone, Inc. He is a graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology.



Co-Founder / VP Strategy

Brendan serves as Radius8's Vice President of Strategy, focusing on developing marketing and sales initiatives, exploring new models of online-to-offline attribution, overseeing project success metrics, and unearthing new insights on the behaviors of today's connected consumer.

Brendan holds a PhD in Materials and Chemistry from Princeton University. A passion for creative problem solving and data-driven decision making led Brendan to notable peer-reviewed publications in the fields of advanced electronic materials and superconductors. While at Princeton, Brendan developed a sharp business acumen through management consulting for high tech startups at the TigerLabs Accelerator with an emphasis on market analysis, strategy, and data analytics.



SVP Business Development

Harlan Eplan is Senior Vice President of Business Development at Radius8. He has 25+ years experience in a variety of emerging technology, system integration and traditional management consulting companies focusing on strategy, partnerships, alliances and customer acquisition.

Harlan joins Radius8 having most recently served in a variety of roles with Verifone Inc., the largest provider of payments terminal solutions in the world. Prior to Verifone, Harlan was a co-founder of Global Bay Inc, where he focused on strategic positioning, partnerships, alliances and sales.

In addition to Global Bay, which was acquired by Verifone in 2011, Harlan worked at Proxicom, Inc. an early leader in internet system integration, Dimension Data (acquired Proxicom) a global IT solutions company and, Deloitte Consulting. Harlan holds a BA from Clark University and and MBA from the Yale School of Management.




Vadym serves as Full Stack Engineer at Radius8, specializing in backend development and database architecture.

Prior to joining Radius8 Vadym spent over a decade developing retail solutions, beginning his tenure at Global Bay, which was acquired by Verifone and subsequently Manhattan Associates. Vadym’s work at Global Bay serves as the foundation for many of the mPOS and Clienteling solutions on the market today. Vadym is a graduate of Kyiv National Technical Universitet.




Andrey serves as a Full Stack Developer for Radius8 leading frontend and backend development.

Andrey has spent the past 30 years developing software, both UI side (web and iOS applications) and server-side. Before joining Radius8 Andrey worked on mPOS and Clienteling applications at Manhattan Associates, and before that Verifone and Global Bay. Andrey graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a master degree in applied mathematics.




Mashael serves as Senior Creative Director for Radius8 specializing in UI/UX design.

Mashael graduated from American University of Sharjah with a degree in Visual Communications. Prior to joining Radius8 she worked senior designer at Global Bay covering broad spectrum of work ranging from print to online marketing, brand identity, and UI. She designed and contributed to UI/UX of mPOS and Clienteling tools for clients such as Coach, Tory Burch, and Guess. After Global Bay was acquired by VeriFone, Mashael served UI/UX Designer at VeriFone. She lead the design of the version two Radius8 website.




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