A full-suite of solutions designed to monetize local data to create new selling opportunities based on local context increasing online conversion, in-store traffic, and store-level productivity.






Local-Influenced Ecommerce

with Radius8 Smartbars

Increase Ecommerce sales by monetizing low-performing or non-revenue generating pages such as, store locator or store SEO pages, based on signals local to each store, such as weather, sporting events, store sales data and more.

Radius8 Smartbars convert every digital touchpoint: Ecommerce site, store pages, locator page, and beyond, into local conversion opportunities. Smartbars leverage local signals and to create locally relevant experiences based on: 

  • Weather
  • Hyperlocal Sales Data and Browsing Behaviors
  • Local Sporting Events and Concerts
  • Social Trends

For example, you can now merchandise based on today's weather or when a local team wins a big game. 
Smartbars are powered by the Radius8 cloud so deployment is as easy as launching with Tag Manager. Everything is dynamically rendered and configured without touching your website code.



Shop the Local Store Online

Pre-Shopping Experience

Drive more store traffic by monetizing “intent to visit the store”. How? By enabling the customer to easily pre-shop their visit. Each store experience is unique because it is powered by signals local to each store such as weather, sporting events, store sales data and inventory.

Allow each brick & mortar store to dynamically merchandise based on what's happening in-store and around each store. This allows customers to shop a store-first experience digitally from anywhere. 

Empowering customers to shop their local store from anywhere creates a new revenue-generating experience which is powered by the store. Giving physical stores a meaningful digital presence that connects the dots between where customers are and what's available nearby, creating a direct connection from the customer's device to the physical store that's closest to them.



Insights and Analytics to Improve Store Experience

Make Your Store Smarter

Provides insight and actionable data for store management, planning/allocation and merchandising to create in-store experiences that reflect what the digital and mobile customers are doing around the radius of every store in every local market.

80% of customers that walk through the door of a brick and mortar store have spent time online pre-shopping, yet your store managers have no insight into what they looked at. 

The physical store needs to reflect the dynamics of it's local "digital market". Retailers can now execute an in-store experience to match digital demand by surfacing visual merchandising and inventory gaps on a store-by-store basis. This functionality allows store managers and employees to better merchandise, recommend products, and provide insight to inventory opportunities.




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