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Radius8 Reserve for Ecommerce Drives Brick and Mortar Engagement



Radius8 Reserve for Ecommerce

Drive more store traffic by monetizing “intent to visit the store”. How? By enabling the customer to easily pre-shop their visit. 

Allow each brick & mortar store to dynamically merchandise based on what's happening in-store and around each store. This allows customers to shop a store-first experience digitally from anywhere. 

Empowering customers to shop their local store from anywhere creates a new revenue-generating experience which is powered by the store. Giving physical stores a meaningful digital presence that connects the dots between where customers are and what's available nearby, creating a direct connection from the customer's device to the physical store that's closest to them.



  • Expose and action store level inventory on highly-trafficked PDP pages and drive store traffic via Reserve Online, Pickup In Store (ROPIS)
  • Surface store level inventory as embedded store catalog that drives more omnichannel orders
  • Replace store locator with a high converting experience that allows customers to find and shop nearby stores


  • Simple deployment on any Ecommerce Platform
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud via LINK Cartridge
  • Embed Radius8’s simple, fast, low friction, cost effective, lightweight opportunity to enable reserve online pick up in store and surface store level inventory right from your PDP, surface store-level inventory at the product listing page level, and replace store locator
  • Achieve the following outcomes:
    • Drive greater foot traffic and incremental revenue

    • Drive more omnichannel transactions (BOPIS, ROPIS)

    • Better leverage existing investments

    • Capture more, valid consumer emails
    • Enrich Shopper Profiles
    • Increase loyalty


  • Reserve Widget
    • Based on the location of the customer, the location-aware widget will tell them if the product is in stock or not
    • Dynamically turn this feature on or off based on inventory availability, online exclusives and more
  • Embedded Catalog
    • Customers can “pre-shop” the store visit on the product listing page
    • Each store catalog is unique to that store location powered by local trend
    • Filter / Search
  • Store Locator Replacement
    • Easy to embed store locator
    • Drive in-store traffic with store powered catalog and ROPIS/BOPIS
    • Drive greater conversion by referring traffic to ecommerce