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Drive Conversion on Store SEO Pages



R8 Smartbars for SEO Store Pages

Increase Ecommerce sales by monetizing low-performing or non-revenue generating pages such as, store locator or store SEO pages, based on signals local to each store, such as weather, sporting events, store sales data and more.

Radius8 Smartbars convert every digital touchpoint: Ecommerce site, store pages, locator page, and beyond, into local conversion opportunities. Smartbars leverage local signals and to create locally relevant experiences based on: 

  • Weather
  • Hyperlocal Sales Data and Browsing Behaviors
  • Local Sporting Events and Concerts
  • Social Trends

For example, you can now merchandise based on today's weather or when a local team wins a big game. Smartbars are powered by the Radius8 cloud so deployment is as easy as launching with Tag Manager. Everything is dynamically rendered and configured without touching your website code.



Add locally trending products to Store SEO Pages Powered by Yext, Rio SEO or any other store pages provider. These Smartbars drive greater engagement and click through back to the ecommerce site resulting in increased conversion and greater average order value.


  • Better retargeting from store visits with more visibility to local products and trends for the customer
  • Greater traffic to ecommerce site
  • Higher conversion from 3rd party providers
  • Create data driven recommendations through in-store clienteling tools